Order into Disorder Series: Bathroom Edition

Taylor Swift's Bathroom {Image via. Pinterest}

My bathroom is not a pretty sight. At all. My younger sister and I used to share it, but over the past few months she has chosen to get ready elsewhere. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to that space, let alone a lot of cleanliness. My younger sister is incredibly organized and I happen to be the least organized person on this side of the state (Courtney is in a close second). The lack of order rarely bothered me before, but now it is starting to affect my efficiency in getting ready. I can never find anything, causing unnecessary stress and loss of time. It is starting to take a toll.

Part of my problem is that my bathroom is incredibly tiny. The only storage available is under the sink. There are no drawers or cabinets, making it difficult to find a designated spot for everything. So, in light of my recent Pinterest discovery turned obsession (my page is here, if you so dare to check it out), I decided to start searching for organization ideas for the bathroom and I have found a plethora, and I mean plethora, of ideas! Since we are planning to redo our bathroom this summer, I picked up a few color ideas, too! Here are a few pictures of some ideas I found pretty innovative and stylish, especially for those of us who have minimal space:

{Image via. Pinterest}

Using the sides of the sink doors is an excellent idea. I would imagine those shelves would not be difficult to make or install either. Future project? I think so!

{Image via. The Family Handyman}

More utilization of the sink cabinet door. This idea is genius! A great space saver and spares us the hassle of a tangled cord! More great bathroom ideas from The Family Handyman here.

{Image via. Martha Stewart.com}

Magnets are not just for the fridge. Affixing a sheet of precut galvanized steel to the inside of a medicine cabinet will save space on the shelves for bigger products. More bathroom ideas from Martha here.

{Image via. Google.com}

No need for countertop clutter. Find cute, clear jars to store every day items. Sticking the the same color (here everything is white or off white) will bring unity despite the different types of products. 

{Image via. myidealhome.tumblr.com}

And finally, everything does not need to be in the bathroom if it is not used often. Place rarely used items, backup products, and extra towels on a shelf in your linen closet.

I feel that the bathroom is the second most neglected room in the house in terms of organization, decoration, and maintenance (the laundry room takes the number one spot). Since we only spend time in the bathroom to do grooming, bathing, and other business, we fail to realize how having a nicely set up bathroom could bring more peace to our lives. Time would be easier to manage, good lighting will help makeup application, and another thing would be a place of relaxation. You could easily turn your bathroom into an at home spa, if you wanted to. All you would need is a relaxing color scheme, nicely scented candles, a clean tub, some magazines or a great book, and you are all set! Massage comes extra, though. 😉

So, what rooms do you guys have trouble keeping orderly? Let me know and post any ideas! I’ve posted a few links below to some great interior design blogs, including Courtney’s other blog that she shares with her interior designer sister, Kristy!

Take care and good luck!


Interior Design Blogs & Websites:

I-Design Love

(Kristy Zubke and Courtney Bishop)

 Apartment Therapy

(Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan)

Home Improvement section of Cupcakes & Cashmere

(Emily Schuman. Seriously, is there anything this woman can’t think of?!)

Martha Stewart

(Hey, she’s genius in homemaking!)

The Family Handyman

(Based on the magazine)

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Blog Crush of the Month: Blogilates!

{Image via. Blogilates.com}

Cassey Ho!

During the past two weeks, I discovered Pinterest and have become addicted. I have been told I am a little late getting on the Pinterest bandwagon, but better late than never, right? Anyway, while cruising around the site, I came across the page of Cassey Ho, a Pilates and fitness instructor based in California. When I clicked on her Pinterest profile, the link to her website “Blogilates” caught my attention. The name was so cute-sy, I knew I had to check it out. And I’m so glad I did!

{Image via. Blogilates.com}

Despite the cute name, Blogilates means business (and burn!). Cassey’s blog is composed of workout videos (broken into the categories of POP Pilates, POP Cardio, and POP Hits), healthy food recipes, printable exercise and food charts, and a number of other resources to help you get in shape and stay motivated. I actually did two of her cardio videos for the first time earlier tonight and I was beat! I had a particular tough time doing a complete push-up, then jumping up immediately after! But what I liked most about the video was how it was not the typical, cheesy workout video. She did it all so naturally and admitted to hating certain exercises, which I appreciated. No one wants a robotic workout instructor!

 Cassey’s real attitude, combined with her energy and motivating words, are the reasons for her success. She has been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan and SHAPE! I definitely suggest you hop on her blog or Youtube channel (or both!). You will not be disappointed, but rather, feel extra motivated! 😉

Take care and good luck!


Cassey’s Blog:


Youtube Channel:


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BB Cream: Review (Finally!)

A while back, I did a post on the up and coming beauty innovation BB Cream. I was incredibly curious to try the product because its ability to combine cosmetic concerns with skincare. In review, BB Creams are comparable to that of a tinted moisturizer in terms of their consistency and coverage, but can also act as a makeup primer, contain anti-aging ingredients, protect against sun damage, and even out skin tone. Well, I finally got my hands on some BB Cream and thought I would share my thoughts.

BB Cream Used:

{In the shade “Fair”}

To put it simply, I have problematic skin. Unfortunately for me, BB Creams’ coverage is quite sheer and does not cover what I feel needs to be concealed. I think that someone with great skin would benefit more from BB Cream than someone who struggles with their skin like I do. I’ve not completely giving up on BB cream, however. Mixing it in with my Make Up Forever HD Foundation creates a nice finish! I also have been experimenting with various skincare regimens and as soon as I find one that works for me, I hope I can wear lighter makeup like BB Cream confidently.

Well, that’s my take on BB Creams! It is great for someone who only needs sheer coverage or for summer, but for those of us who prefer a heavier coverage may need to combine it with other foundation or look elsewhere.

Take care and good luck,



Springing Into Style & Strategy

Shopping for clothes can be a very fun experience, but it can also be an incredibly frustrating one! I’ve been in a shopping rut over the past few months, but I think I’ve finally found the solution to my problem. Whenever I used go shopping, I rarely went in with an idea of what I was looking for. Instead, I would just wander the mall aimlessly, hoping I would find whatever it was I needed (which never worked, FYI). So, I decided it was time to try a new technique: plan ahead. I tried this when I went shopping this past weekend and it completely altered my usual experience from frustrating to enjoyable! Here are some tips to help your plan your clothing expedition more efficiently!

1. Research

Flip through magazines and browse online stores to start to get a feel for what’s popular. But my personal favorite way to find inspiration is to read fashion blogs! It’s one thing to see professional models wear clothing, but to see how real people pull off trends in their every day lives can be quite helpful for your own wardrobe! I’ve listed some of my favorite blogging fashionistas below. Get clicking! 🙂

 Emily Schuman


Anouska Proetta Brandon


 2. Go Through Your Closet

Make sure to browse your own closet before you hit the racks. Sometimes, especially in a messier closet, we can forget what we already own! While going through your closet, make a list of what pieces you have enough of. For example, if you own six v-necks t-shirts, write it down and steer clear from that style in stores. The same goes with color. Half your closet blue? Don’t buy anything blue during your trip! While this sounds like common sense, half the reason people have “no clothes” is because there is no variety. So, change it up!

{Extra Tip: Make sure your laundry is done, too! Clothes buried in a hamper are often forgotten}

3. Start Small

Even if you need new jeans, shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts, and accessories, start with focusing on only a few items, as trying to create a new wardrobe in one trip could be overwhelming for your mental health, as well as  your wallet! Make a list of what you want first, then put them in order of importance. After you have done that, star the first few items on your list and stick with those.

{Extra Tip: If you still aren’t completely sure what you’re looking for, browse the accessory sections at stores like Forever 21 or Target. Their prices are reasonable and can help transform an old outfit into something completely different}

4. Map it Out!

So, if you know what you’re looking for and what you’re not looking for, make a list of stores that you think will provide you with the best selection for your hunt. If you’re going to the mall, go on their website and look at the directory and see all your options!

5. Plan Time Accordingly

Make sure you gauge the time you need accurately in regards to how much you plan to accomplish that trip. After you determine that, add at least a half an hour to your estimated trip time. You can always leave if you find what you were looking for, but if that extra time is needed, there won’t be any stress in staying!

I applied these guidelines when I went shopping for spring clothing this past weekend and ended up having a very successful outing! Here are some pictures of a few items I picked up!

{Sundress from Target}

{Button Down From Forever 21}

{Grayish-Brown Oxfords from Old Navy}

{Chunky Turquoise Bracelet from Forever 21}

{Target Dollar Section Impulsivity} 

While the last item definitely isn’t a fashion purchase, it was too cute (and cheap) to pass up! It just screams spring! But, what about you guys? Do anyone else have some good shopping tips? Let me know! I’m always in need of shopping guidance. Courtney can confirm that for me! 😉

Take care and good luck!


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Lust List: Spring

Spring has definitely not sprung here in Michigan (and probably won’t make an appearance until June), but that doesn’t mean we can’t start preparing ourselves! Besides being excited about being able to drive with the windows down and not freeze, I’m also excited to see what new trends will sprout in the coming months. Thankfully, People Style Watch, one of my favorite magazines, made it easy to start planning out our wardrobes with their latest issue, which is dedicated to spring fashion! In the issue, they feature a list of the top ten fashion trends of spring! Here are just a few of the trends they mentioned that I’m excited about:


When it comes to wearing a pattern, I always go for floral (literally, it’s like the only print wardrobe). Now that it’s a trend this spring, I can justify buying more!

Image via. Nordstroms.com


Following winter, we’re all a little more tired and sluggish (a Vitamin D deficiency can be blamed for that). Due to our lack of sunshine, add some brightness to your clothes! Shades of neon add a playful feel to any outfit that will make anyone feel more cheerful and awake!

Image via. ASOS.com


I love clothes that give off a retro vibe (I drool over ModCloth) and a Peplum themed shirt or dress emulate just that! They are also super flattering and create an hourglass silhouette! Can’t go wrong there!

Image via. Nordstroms.com

Mint Green

You can’t help feeling relaxed wearing this carefree shade. I can’t wait to release my inner zen and pick up a few pieces in this color!

Image via. Nordstroms.com

So, those are just a few things I’m excited about, but what are you guys most excited about for spring? Let me know!

Take care,


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Sushi Loving

For Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I spent the evening making sushi! He came up with this unique idea after a few friends of his taught him how to make this delicacy the other day. Recently, I found a new found love for sushi and I was so excited for this dinner adventure. He went out to the store and picked up all the ingredients and off we went. We made a couple different rolls using asparagus, cucumber, avocado, and crab meat. The sushi rolls turned out great! We had fun experimenting with making different rolls and figuring out the proper way keep all the ingredients in the roll! Sushi is fun and easy to make and you can find easy to follow directions at the website Make My Sushi. Have you guys ever tried to make sushi?



Valentine’s Day roses from my boyfriend 🙂

All images via. Stylinginsuburbia.wordpress.com

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Happy Valentine’s Day

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same…” – Wuthering Heights

Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $100

Getting a gift for Valentine’s day can be a difficult task! But have no fear for there are some great gifts for under 100 dollars out there. Take a look at my picks for a great gift and maybe you can get some inspiration for your special someone! Also, all these great gifts can be found at Nordstroms!



For Her: 

Marc Jacobs perfume smells great! $72

Kate Spade Hinged Bangle. $88

Voluspa Candles smell amazing! $27

Michael Kors Pave Heart Charm! I love this!! $55

Kate Spade Iphone case! $40

 Dogeard ‘Key to My Heart’ Pendant Necklace $76.00

For Him: 

Nixon ‘The Time Teller’ Watch. $75

Acqua di Gio cologne set. $77

DODOcase for Ipad. $59

Mens UGG slippers. $99

All Images via. Nordstroms.com 

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DIY Glitter Candles

Glitter candles are simple and take less than 10 minutes to make. They add a new depth to the ordinary, plain candle.  I came across this DIY on the blog, Say Yes to Hoboken  and I immediately rushed out to the store to get the items needed to make this fabulous candle. I used pink glitter in honor of Valentines Day and they are so cute! I want to throw a Valentines day party just to show off my candles! Do you guys have any great Valentines DIY that you absolutely love?




What you need:

– Candles, any shape or size.

– Spray Adhesive

– Glitter of any color

– Tape

Step One:

Wrap the tape around the candle in an even line. Taping off the area in where you want to apply to glitter.

Step Two:

Spray the exposed area where you plan to apply the glitter with your spray adhesive.

Step Three:

Sprinkle glitter all over the area where the spray adhesive was applied. Make sure to apply lots and lots of glitter!

Step Four:

Wait a few minutes and then carefully peel off the tape.

and voilà! 

All images via. stylinginsuburbia.wordpress.com

Nina Dobrev

Earlier tonight, my co-blogger Molly plopped down the newest issue of Nylon in front of me fully knowing that Nina Dobrev, who is featured on the cover, is one of my favorite up and coming actresses! I let out a small squeal of excitement as I rushed through the glossy pages to get to her editorial. I discovered Nina Dobrev when I started watching the show The Vampire Diarieswhich airs on the CW, Thursday nights. I must admit that The Vampire Diaries is a guilty pleasure of mine. Handsome leading men, wicked action, supernatural forces, love triangles. Not to mention Nina Dobrev, the leading lady, plays not only one role as a level headed, girl next door, but also as a doppelgänger vampire vixen out to ruin the life of her lookalike counterpart. This is a show not to be overlooked! Nina Dobrev was born in Bulgaria and moved the Canada at the age of two. She broke through in her acting career on the famous Canadian teen drama, Degrassi: The Next Generation. From there she landed the role as Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce on The Vampire Diaries. To some Nina Dobrev may not be a household name, but just you wait, she is bound to be the next “it girl” in a matter of time!



{Image via. stylinginsuburbia.wordpress.com}

{Image via. stylinginsuburbia.wordpress.com}

{Image via. stylinginsuburbia.wordpress.com}

{Image via. google}

{Image via. google}